8.5x11in print I’ll be selling at AN 2014 u 3 u !!




Hey guys, nothin’ urgent, I’m just trying to earn a few extra bucks for groceries and things. If you’re interested in either a b/w or a color digital skecth commission, shoot me an email at! I can only take paypal right now.

(+$5 for additional character, no more than 2 per commission. <3)


look can we just

honey MAYBE being latina (and thats purely speculation on the fandoms part) and wasabi being black do not make the race changing okay. their races didnt even need to be changed in the first place. its really fucked up how people are using this BUT THEYRE NOT WHITE!! thing as an excuse to shush criticisms

people of color arent interchangeable. by erasing representation of one marginalized group and giving it to another one youre not doing anything better or progressive.


finally done!! it sure has been a while since i’ve worked on a picture that took me this long to finish.

i’m thinking… about making this into a print eventually :o






I’ve gotten a lot of messages from you guys, all of them concern, so I’d like to explain just what’s happening in my life.

I had my financial aid package severely reduced for the upcoming semester, with an outstanding bill of over $6,000 which neither me or my mother can afford, even with me working all summer. I’m in the middle of putting together an appeal, but it’s getting harder considering we’re doing this by ourselves and now for another, more recent reason I’ll get to soon.

On top of that, I was recently fired or “let go” from my work study job, because they felt that I “didn’t improve” over the semester. In actuality, I think it’s because I have social anxiety, and one of the main components of that job dealt with customer service, and I often found myself panicked and overwhelmed and fearing I had disappointed people because I couldn’t interact without help. It hurts nonetheless, so I currently feel like a failure.

So I’m asking for some help. 

I’m accepting donations via PayPal:

Or, you could buy my shirts from Zazzle, the link to which is in my sidebar and here.

Or, a simple happy birthday would be nice, I”m just feeling really shitty right now!

Love you guys!


We still haven’t gotten our appeal out yet because of the electricity problems and my mom literally not fucking doing it even though I’ve begged her to finish it. And even getting her to take out a loan will be like getting a horse to swim. If we’re denied for a Parent PLUS Loan, they’ll only give us a $4,000 unsub loan, which is $8,000 short of what I’d need for the entire next year.

Guys, please help me.

Also our mortgage just went up and my mom started crying this morning because she has no clue how she’ll be able to do it.

I’m trying to apply for a private loan but it seems like it’ll be unlikely to happen because I don’t think either of my parents will qualify as cosigners.

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